Wall Art Carved Wooden Fish Thai Decor

fish carved wood panel oak finished Thai art

A stunning Sustainable Monkey Pod Acacia Wood Wall Panel Leaping Pla Fish

Dimensions: 20 inch width x 30 inch height x 2 inch thickness.

Finish: Natural Food-safe Livos Oak Oil Finish is completely Eco friendly.

A 3D fish jumping into the air adding a piece of nature to any room in your home. awesome And Unique interior wood nature scene for your home decor creations. Each panel is carved out of joined panels of wood. For ease of hanging, there are two embedded flush mount Keyhole hangers for a protruding screw from your wall. Hand rubbed Oak Oil polished to a water resistant and food safe matte finish, the light and dark portions of wood turn to darker shades of brown over time and the alkaline in the oils creates a honey orange color. The natural oils we use are translucent.This allows the wood grain detail to be highlighted. Artisans in Northern Thailand create this hand carved piece with the simplest of tools. Monkey Pod wood (Acacia, Rain Tree) grown for wood carving

$149.00 USD


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