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Decorative Accessories Thai Home decor

The difference between a plain room and one that is warm, inviting and elegant can usually be found in the accents and accessories of the room. Interior Decorators have known this for years, and wisely add touches and accents to brighten a, enhance it, or to draw focus to other pieces. Accent pieces and accessories are crucial if you wish to decorate and enhance your home. Use Kan Thai Decor's decorative accessories and home decor accent pieces to embellish your decorating, and know that you're receiving the high grade of natural products you need to make your home warm and inviting. Please browse our unique collection of decorative accessories. 

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Ceramic Pear Vase Set

Mirror Natural Edge

Mirror Teak Frame 30" SQ

Mirror Octagon Teak Frame 

 Mirror Vine/Leaf Frame

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Mirror Teak Frame 22" x 35"

Mirror Teak Frame 25" x 32"

Mirror Octagon Teak Branch

Mirror Teak Sunburst