Things to Know About Our Natural Wood Furniture and Decor. 

  1. It is hand carved.
  2. Only wood from sustainable resources or recycled resources are used.
  3. It is cured using solar and or propane powered kilns.
  4. Only simple hand tools are used in the carving.
  5. There are natural splits in the wood that are sanded smooth.
  6. Wood never comes close to a sawmill
  7. Natural Oil finishes are used.
  8. All of our furniture is manufactured in Thailand
  9. Wax finishes are used.
  10. Size tolerance is generally + or - 1/4" (They really are hand carved)
  11. Flat areas are reasonably flat
  12. The manufacturer we use is a certified member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council 
  13. Sometimes the same wood is used to fill in old worm holes.
  14. There are color variations.
  15. No two pieces are exactly alike.
  16. We have Buddha themed wall panels available and will someday have all seven themes available.
  17. Teak products will turn gray if not maintained and is a desired look by many.
  18. We have teak products
  19. We have mango wood products
  20. We have monkey pod (acacia ) wood products.

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