Eco-Friendly Manufacturing of Natural Wood Furniture


Fresh cut monkey pod wood tree limbs ready for rough cut and carving. 

Thai wood carvers making furniture

Carvers work with simple hand tools by eye and are trained by each other 

Thai furniture ready for finish

All products are processed in stages by trained teams 

Thai furniture factory

Thai Furniture

One of the main reasons we decided to sell the hand crafted items you see on our Thai furniture and home decor site is the Eco-friendly materials and methods the manufacturer uses to create their beautiful products.This page is dedicated to showing you how the process works and that when we say Eco-friendly, green or any of the other descriptions you always hear. We can back it up! The natural beauty and fresh new approach in manufacturing makes these pieces, an indulgence you can feel good about!

Stage One

The hand carved products are brought to a solar oven, where they're brought down to below 30% MC (moisture content) as measured with non-invasive and invasive Delmhorst wood lumber meters.

Stage Two

In Stage Two, the items are put into propane fired kilns where they're brought down in stages at varying temperatures to 20% MC and then again to below 10% MC.

After this, we continue with Stage Two by raising the temperature high enough (80°-90°C or 176°-194°F) to insure that there are no parasites in the wood.  Because most hand carved wood products are varying wall thicknesses which makes drying difficult, we “lose” a percentage of products in the process.  However, we're willing to do this to ensure a perfectly clean and sanitary wood piece, and we also use the "lost" wood for repairs so as not to waste anything.

Stage Three
During Stage Three, we sand the product to smooth the rough carving into the desired shape.  This is all done by eye so every piece is unique, sizes are not exact, and products are not perfectly square.  The beauty of the completely unique piece can be seen at this time!

Stage Four
Fourth stage is repairing the checking (cracks) that have been uncovered by the sanding or caused by the drying process. We use teak sawdust and hot glue to seal the cracks and smooth the surface.

Stage Five
Stage Five is where we complete the finishing process and put each piece through a complete Quality Control check.

wood ready for the kiln Thai furniture

Propane fired wood kilns being loaded with product separated by dried stringers.