Buddha Serene Wall Decor Carved Wood Panel

Currently out of stock in the USA. There are 6 units in Thailand with an ETA of January or February 2019 
If you would like to be notified when stock arrives please contact us via customer service.
Buddha 50 x 72 oversized wall decor

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Buddha Serene Oversize Roughly 50" x 72" 

Limited run hand carved monkey pod wood panels.

Hand carved monkey pod wood Buddha Serene Panels

These oversize panels ship assembled in a crate via motor freight. Panels of this size need to stay assembled as they are aligned at the factory while still in the template to insure all matches and stays matched.

The panels in the photos are numbered and you choose which panel you are interested in. If available the panel you see (picked out) is the panel you will receive.

Delivered price was $1299.00 now priced @ $1099.00 USD and available within the 48 contiguous USA

Please contact us via customer service so that we may verify and or reserve the panel you are interested in. As stock rotates in and out we will update photos. 

Please call us @ 1 785 727 1272 if you have any questions.
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