Buddha Ushnisha Wall Decor Carved Wood Art Panel

Buddha Art hand carved wood Home Decor wall decor.

Buddha Ushnisha Panels are available in two different sizes and three different hand rubbed natural oil finishes. Our stunning panels are hand crafted works of art manufactured in Thailand from sustainable monkey pod wood resources. Available in Grey, Oak or Walnut
Size and Finish
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Walnut Oil Finish Buddha Ushnisha

The Ushnisha is a three dimensional oval at the top of the head of the Buddha. It symbolizes his wisdom and openness as an enlightened being. The first representations of the Buddha in the 1st century CE in the Greco-Buddhist art of Gandhara also represent him with a topknot, rather than just a cranial knob. It is thought that the interpretation of the ushnisha as a supernatural cranial protuberance happened at a later date, as the representation of the topknot became more symbolized and its original meaning was lost (Mario Bussagli, "L'art du Gandhara").
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Since items are natural products, some variations may occur, which make them unique.  These are not acceptable reasons for a return . . . See Store Policies

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