Buddha Pacceka Wall Art Natural Wood Decor From Thailand

Buddha Pacceka Wall Panel Walnut Oil Finish


Hand Carved Wood Wall Decor

Buddha Pacceka Panels are available in two different sizes and two different natural oil finishes. Our stunning panels are hand finished works of art crafted in Thailand from sustainable wood resources.The best in natural wood home decor. 
Size and Finish

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Carved Wood Buddha Panels
Our Panels are skillfully carved from three joined panels rejoined as one piece with back bars which have two embedded hangers for a protruding screw from your wall. Alternately, you can prop up against a wall or on a shelf. Simply dust and occasionally wipe with natural wood oil, if needed. Nature’s creations are always in style; this dramatic accent panel is a stylish complement to both traditional and contemporary settings. Please accept that there will probably be slight carving tool marks, cracking due to climate change, or other marks that are easily re-oiled. Each is a unique Functional Work of Art. Depending on how much light hits the oiled surface the color will look darker to lighter with more light.
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Since items are natural products, some variations may occur, which make them unique. These are not acceptable reasons for a return . . . See Store Policies

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