Benches Wave Style Natural Wood Furniture

Bench natural wood hand carved  Oak Oil Finish

Wave Bench in an Oak Oil hand rubbed finish

Natural Wood Wave Bench Thai Furniture

Dimensions: 24" x 13.5" x 15" 

Monkey Pod wood hand carved out like undulating waves made to sit on from the ends. Use for storage also! Stylish wood furniture imported from Thailand. Available in hand rubbed food safe natural oak oil and walnut oil finishes.A little bit of Asia as an accent to your western theme or compliment a traditional far eastern theme.
Manufactured by: Kammika
Model: Wave
Product ID: WB2413-L-WAL or OAK

$249.00 USD EA


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      Walnut Oil Finish 


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Since items are natural products, some variations occur, which make them unique. These are not acceptable reasons for a return. For more information see store policies

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