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Natural Wood Furniture Stools, Stands Or End Tables

Welcome to our Stools and Stands pages. We offer a variety of hand carved solid wood stools and stands for you to choose from. Our wood Stools and Stands are crafted using sustainable wood resources such as monkey pod and mango wood or teak. Beautiful examples of Thai craftsmanship which are well known in the hand crafted furniture industry for their beauty and durability. Natural oil finishes are used to stain the wood and all are food safe grade. Our Stools and Display Stands also work very well serving as side tables or night stands for the bedroom.
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Barrel Stool or Stand Clear Oil Finish


Big Twist 

 Double Twist

Mango "V" 

Peep Hole 16" 

Rest Stool 

Single Twist Vine

Twist Stools 10" SQ Base

Vine Twist 14" x 23"

Zat "Z" 

Block Teak 

 Chang Elephant


Peep Hole 12" 

Round Twisted Vine 

 Single Blocky & Vine

Twist Stools 12" & 14" SQ Base

Twist Stool Triple

Since items are natural products, some variations occur, which make them unique. These are not acceptable reasons for a return.
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