Benches and Tables Natural Wood Furniture

Benches & Tables Teak Or Monkey Pod Wood Furniture

A bench or table is a friendly invitation to sit down,relax, share someone's company. In today's age of hustle and go, what a warm welcome to offer your guests. Our benches provide you the opportunity to linger in style be it in an entry way, living room, dining or outdoor living with our teak furniture! Skilled craftsmen from the Chiang Mai area in northern Thailand design and create these exceptional pieces with the simplest of hand tools. They use sustainable wood grown specifically for the woodcarving and furniture making industry or recycled wood from old structures. Each piece is an artistic, one-of-a-kind natural wood creation. As such, some variations may occur. Additionally,some checking(cracking along the wood grain) on the benches may take place over time. These unique marks only add to the character of our furniture. These are feel-good pieces in more ways than one. They provide visual comfort, physical comfort, and the comfort of knowing you've chosen Eco-friendly furniture that keeps the earth beautiful while beautifying your home
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Since items are natural products, some variations may occur, which make them unique.  These are not acceptable reasons for a return. See store policies
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